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We all have raised up hearing stories. Stories of our parents, grandparents, our family and other members, our ancestors, about their childhood, youth, marriage, their struggles and all. Life has been difficult in the previous centuries as the world has not be so moderated. Eastern countries, especially India has not developed so much.

But gradually the distance has reduced. India is globally known now. Previously, news paper, radio, tv was the medium of entertainment and information. Our elder generations used to know about the world by these mediums only. The computer was invented. Internet was invented. Then mobile phones came. Day by day these inventions became updated.

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In the last two decade, we became so aware of using mobile phones and the internet. With the help of such gazettes, we became familiar with the outer world. Now our life has become very fast. Wherever we live, be it in our home or in educational institutions or in our job places, we always want to do better and achieve everyone’s appreciation. This makes our life Fe very competitive.

As we become busy, we get less time to rest. Our life becomes tedious. Our body becomes tired. We suffer from mental and physical stress. This stress brings tiredness, pain. More of us suffer from body pain. It may be any part of the body, be it legs, hands, joints, back pain, neck pain, migraine. Our muscles suffered from tensions, which causes muscle pain, muscle cramps. To give us quick relief we visit any physicians. They prescribe us some medicines to swallow, some balm or sprays to apply on the affected area to get quick relief. All of us need the quick result as none of us have enough time to take rest.

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These things continue and so does our pains. It persists. It does not recover fully. There comes the importance of chiropractic. It is a lesser known term to the normal people. It is a popular term in the sports field. Any sportsperson, involved in any kinds of sports are well aware of chiropractic, physiotherapy. Chiropractic is not a common name as people related to medical science does not approve it as a medical branch.

But Kiran Finnegan has made this term popular. He is practicing this chiropractic therapy for almost a decade. He has achieved many degrees in this field in the past few decades. He is not a ten minutes therapist. He generally works on the SLM, and also try to keep people away from pain and injury in long term. He gives his patients a vivid idea about the structure of our body and explains how chiropractic works on them.

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Our body is framed with two hundred and six bones(206 bones)  which is known as the skeleton structure. Our bone structure is covered by the muscles. Various veins go through these. There are some joint areas in our body parts like elbow, knees, ankles. These areas are called joint areas because two bones joined there. There are some discs and soft tissues in joint areas like in elbows and in knees. As dress materials are stitched by wools, similarly soft tissues are connected by ligaments. These areas are very sensitive. We get injured in these areas mainly.

Beside this, our full body is covered by nerves. All the nerves are controlled by our brain. The brain is the center of our body as it instructs every body parts to work properly. The instructions from the brain reach to everybody parts through nerves. This nervous system is called CNS or central nervous system. Our bone structure defines our body posture. Especially the spinal cord or spine. Spine starts where the brain ends. Brain and spine is known together as Cerebro-spinal. This body concept is much needed whenever you apply any therapy to your body, be it body massage or physiotherapy or chiropractic. Various pressure points are present in our body which need to give pressure properly to release our muscle tension.

Kieran has been doing these wonderful jobs for past ten years and dealing these body pain with expertise hands. He deals with all kinds of pain like genetically, sciatica pain, sudden injuries, hamstring injuries, acute back, and neck pain, muscle cramps etc. He will treat you with time and softness. You may have to come to his center on the intensity of your pain and how long you have been suffering in it. His fees are very minimal. Kieran always prefers good work and patient’s satisfaction and relief over his profit.

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That’s why he is so popular and successfully doing his job for the last ten years. So if you live any part in Australia and suffering from lower back and neck pain for several days and want to get relief of it then don’t delay anymore. Just take your phone, google search the location of Sydney Chiropractic center and have an appointment. Your recovery is just a few steps away from you.


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